We need an alternative because it’s an apparent tendency of the human being is to grow in the form of their nature. Alternatives to social media like facebook, twitter, and Instagram is an example of it. For better communication in differential equations, we use options. Alternative of Facebook already made an impression on the social media market. There is the differential equation between every successful social media alternative. Nothing can match Facebook there is arguably people say that whats app is better than Facebook, but there is no comparison the feature Facebook provides is different than whats app. As we know, Facebook was introduced in the year 2006, since then there is not any other social media website found as popular as Facebook.

Twitter: Twitter is one of the top alternatives to Facebook, user-friendly micro blogging and some additional features to produce user communication. The user can give their post relative link to followers, and they can easily access the maximum details.

Instagram: This is a unique Facebook alternative, Instagram social networking app made for sharing videos and images. It has great modification tools to modify the images and videos. People desire more options in the form of editing and Instagram editing makes great pictures and videos.

500px: If you are professional photographer 500px is a right place to explore your skills. It has a significant number of a community every interaction takes you to the next level of photography. People usually create their profile at 500px to put their images and videos world wide.

YouTube: you tube is not a Facebook alternative chances are you know it is a video sharing social media site. YouTube is an excellent video sharing platforms. There are some other video sharing platforms like Vimeo, DailyMotion but YouTube is the most famous channel for the video porpuses. People can create their account to share videos worldwide.

Tinder: Dating apps are in trend every single want easiest way to get there match and Tinder known as couples paradise If you are searching best dating app on the internet than it is Tinder. We can’t relate any feature with Facebook, but their differences are users favorite.

LinkedIn: If you are a recruiter or job seeker than LinkedIn provides you a better opportunity to communicate. Professionals can interact with their clients and employers to discuss all queries they share information, documents easily. when we talk about other social media networks than to share information is little different.

Vine: Vine is an app where you long size videos you and some funny videos. Vine Is famous for the funny video.

Rotten Tomatoes: Every movie lover can visit this website to take the review and make opinions. Before watching a movie, there is some confusion about it. Rotten Tomatoes provides a user a lot of analysis to make a view on the film.

NextDoor: If you want to connect with your neighborhood then NextDoor is right website for you. You can create a community of your area to share and chat. It is a kind of social media network provides neighbors of a zone to connect each other.

Doximity: Doximity a social networking for physicians and doctors. Doctors and physicians have created their profiles at Doximity. Doximity is a great app to exchange information of doctor and physicians.

SoundCloud: Sound cloud is one of largest community for the music and sound lovers. They connect here to share experiences, schedules creating a profile.

AngelList: If you are looking for a start up investment then you can start from AngelList. It’s a robust website to connect investor and make revenue from their business.

Dribbble: All the designer create their profile, and if you are a designer then Dribble is a right place to join. You share here your experience and take tips. Dribbble is also a community of illustrators, graphic designers, web designers, logo designer, icon artists typographer available and their current work.

Behance: Behance is another website for the designer like Dribbble, but here is a difference, Behance also provides jobs for a designer. They can follow and create a community of a significant number of designers.

DeviantArt: It provides facility to showcase their art world wide. An artist used to create their profile on DeviantArt, and they share art with every corner of the world.

Reddit: Reddit is a forum where people used to share and comment they are interested in. Sharing thought and getting reaction to it is most relevant for better results.